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Welcome. I am an architectural and interior designer who specialises in creative spacial design.

I am about creating practical and joyful homes for real people. I believe that homes are to be lived in and I am without doubt that well considered and elegant solutions to the mess and efforts of daily life can add considerable value to our lives. I also believe that homes should work at a level beyond the practical and provide heartwarming spaces that just feel fantastic to be in.

Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design
Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design
Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design
Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design

Elevated from the ordinary

I am always interested how I can elevate your renovation from the ordinary by creative design touches that add to either the functionality and/or beauty of your home. It is the careful consideration of these elements that can add significant value to a house over and above square footage. I believe that if you are going to renovate then it is worth renovating with creativity and consideration.

Inside out design

I design from the inside out. I consider how the home will actually be used by those who live in it and how it will need to adapt and change over the years. With this in mind I always design rooms fully furnished to show how each space will be used. I consider micro details such as where keys and bags will be placed on arrival. I think about how your children will need a playroom now but in a few years will be needing privacy and a place to entertain.

Many solutions to choose from

In my creative design work I will uncover a variety of solutions to the brief. I believe that it is not my decision – but my client’s as to which is best suited for their lives and preferences. Then my clients can then make a choice borne out of options and exploration rather than a single solution.

Unlocking potential that is buried deep

Unlocking potential that is buried deep

I love designing solutions for challenging houses with unconventional layouts. Perhaps the house has been extended before? Perhaps it poses very specific issues. With time, care and attention, even seemingly impossible cases always develop into pleasing solutions.

Powered by a lifetime love of designing space

I have been designing space since the age of 8. I was captivated and excited by floorplans and would spend hours drawing my own. I still feel that sense of excitement and passion every time I receive a new brief. I work from this love of design – solving each brief as if it were a puzzle.

Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design
Emma Stoddart - Space Vision Design
Emma Stoddart Powered by a lifetime love of designing space



We recently bought a bungalow in Surrey that had lots of potential to improve it. There certainly were several options, but where to start and how to make the space work to create a family home that we could be proud of. We needed a vision and a master plan. Wed been recommended to speak to Emma by friends and we werent disappointed. She spent time explaining the process and took a thorough brief from us – we really felt like she understood just what we needed and was mindful of our budget.

She spent time with us and at the house before producing 3 different concepts. It was hard to choose one as they were all brilliant! But on Emmas advice, we had the plans valued by an estate agent and were pleasantly surprised at the value we would add to the house. This helped make our final decision. We are now in the process of getting planning permission – which has all been made very simple due to Emmas planning expert. We are excited and cant wait to get started.

I would absolutely recommend Emma to my friends and family. She has managed to use the space creatively, turning what was a very random layout into a well thought out, liveable space. Thank You Emma!



Emma did a great job.  Her understanding of spaces and design is second to none and she designed a look for my rooms which I would never have achieved myself.


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emma. By presenting us with a range of options, she pushed us to consider new options. This enabled us to best use our space within our budget. Emma is a flexible, innovative and approachable designer, who understood our needs better than we did! We would certainly recommend Emma to others.


Emma, I have been exceptionally pleased with the result of your work.  Having given you a fairly arbitrary brief, indicating what I wanted to achieve but without knowing how to achieve it, you were quick to interpret my requirements and produce sensible and cost effective options which were quickly refined to produce exactly what I wanted.

I am sure that I will have more work to complete in the future and will definitely come back to you for further help.

John Lewin

Managing Director, The Stepping Stone Group (Regarding design of retirement properties at Nynehead Mews)

DAMN YR GOOD! That is WOW PLUS. Utterly brilliant! Am just busy printing each one out. Can see its going to be a difficult decision – each idea is so good. Big thanks.


Thank you for dropping by yesterday with the final refurbishment plans for my house.  I am now in a position to instruct the builders with confidence and I would not have been able to do this without the benefit of your detailed commitment to my work and the drawings you produced.

It has been a great pleasure working with you.  You have listened carefully to me and worked with me in a quiet and methodical way that left me feeling that I was the designer although I know in truth that it was you that provided the spacial solutions in what is a relatively small house.

Your enthusiasm has been infectious.  You kept your promise to deliver on time and you kept your promise to keep revising the drawings until I was satisfied that they reflected what I wanted.  I will be very happy to recommend you to others in a similar position to myself.


Strawberry Hill

We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the design work you did for our house.  We really felt listened to during the initial consultation and your preliminary drawings demonstrated a true grasp of our vision.  We found your concepts clear, thorough and extremely user-friendly, giving us a very true picture of how things would look.  Your creativity in making the most out of tight, awkward spaces proved invaluable and the genius thinking that went into where to put the staircase makes the whole house work.
Colleen and Matt


Get in Touch

I would love to hear about you and your project. Please contact me and we can explore together how I can add value to your renovation.

Phone: +44 (0)7790 002729
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